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El llibre

What would happen if the world lost its colors and everything would turn pale, grey and glommy?

Carmesina knows it because she is the character of a story where colors disappear when suddenly a black cat appear and change the course of events.

This is the first story in a series of fifteen tales about friendship, laughter, courage, nature, and love populated by characters both real and fantastical, but always unfailingly human, with whom the reader is sure to identify.

Forgotten Colors and Other Illustrated Storiestakes readers on a journey into fantasy and imagination in the form of fifteen tales that aim to awaken the child inside us. Although intended for adults, the stories are written and illustrated in a lively and vibrant style that is equally appropriate for youngsters and teens.

We aim to promote creativity and positive thinking while at the same time contributing, with part of the proceeds from the book’s sales, to the development NGO Educación Sin Fronteras, which promotes education.

This book was created from the imagination and pen of Silvia G. Guirado; and fantasy and the pencils of David García Forés, Desiree Arancibia and Marta García Pérez. With the special collaboration of Claudia Blin's brushes and the support of the Play Creatividad team.


FIll the world with the wallpapers inspired on the book.

Play Attitude products promote a new attitude and a different way of consumption.

We want to take care of our planet therefore we print with vegetal inks and recycled papers. We also are commited with other people of the world and each sale of the book collaborates with a 10% of the price with the ONG Educación Sin Fronteras.

With the purchase of this book you’re collaborating with the challenge on making the world a little fairer and supportive. We want to promote recycling and reuse, and fomenting equity, democracy and respect to diversity through education.

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Images of the book come alive

Carmesina and Black Cat are converted in truly film characters on this presentation video.

Making off

Each project has his process. Discover the sketches that were converted after on original illustrations of the book.

You'll discover the origin and evolution of each illustration, the different styles and observe the first lines of this project.

Origin of the book

I could say that it all started with a word chosen at random or with something that happened to me one day, but the truth is that this book was conceived of in a far more unusual way.

Most of the stories were inspired by a collection of Play Attitude T-shirts. Each design was meant to be a reflection on what goes on in the world. Unfailingly positive, they embody a specific mindset and attitude. Initially, each story was to be no longer than eight lines and would be printed on bookmarks to be enclosed with each shirt. Ultimately, however, those succinct initial concepts had enough substance to be stretched into proper stories, and that’s how this experiment came to be. Each image gave rise to a thousand words, which, in turn, became these tales. We added a dash of reflection, imagination, fantasy, and, above all, poetry, and voilà. The designs came alive on the page, offering proof that words and images can coexist.

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A coruña

  • Fnac A Coruña
  • Librería AENEA VOX · Rua dos Irmans Rey Alvite, 5 (Santiago de Compostela)
  • Librería Lenda · Pr.Mahía, 3 (Ames - Bertamiráns)


  • Fnac Bulevar (Alicante)


  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Centre Comercial Espacio Buenavista (Oviedo)
  • Fnac Parque Principado (Asturias)
  • Librería Ojanguren · Pza. de Riego, 3 (Oviedo)


  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Rambla Catalunya 37 (Barcelona)
  • Llibrerias Bertrand · El Cau Ple de Lletres, c/Cremat, 15 (Terrassa)
  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Vapor Universitari, c/Colom, 114 (Terrassa)
  • Fnac L'illa (Barcelona)
  • Fnac Diagonal Mar (Barcelona)
  • Fnac El triangle (Barcelona)
  • Llibreria "El arte de contar cuentos" · Ramon i cajal, 35 (Barcelona)
  • Llibreria "Te Quiero" · Torrijos, 9 (Barcelona)
  • Llibreria "Cap i Cua" · Torrent de l´Olla 99 (Barcelona)
  • Llibreria "Passatge del Llibre" · Plaça del Diamant 8 (Barcelona)
  • La botiga del Sol · c/Xiquets de Valls 9 (Barcelona)
  • Jose Tomas · Mallorca 242, 08008 (Barcelona)
  • Birdikus · c/Mallorca 577 (Barcelona)
  • World Trade Center Local 13 (Barcelona)
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  • Llibreria Àgora · Banys, 132 B (La Garriga)
  • Grup del Llibre · República Argentina, 83, baixos (Barcelona)
  • Casa Anita · Santa Eugenia, 7 (Barcelona)
  • Ecotendencia · c/Finlandia, 1 (Sants) · 08014 Barcelona · Tel. 93 112 58 78


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  • Abacus Figueres · Pl. del Gra, 7 (Figueres)
  • Abacus Girona · Av. Barcelona, 42-44 (Girona)


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  • Artemis Librería · Villa Benavente, 17 (León)


  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Centre Comercial Alcalá Magna (Alcalá de Henares)
  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Centre Comercial Espacio Torrelodones (Torrelodones)
  • Fnac La Gavia (Madrid)
  • Fnac Callao (Madrid)
  • Fnac Plaza Norte Madrid (San Sebastián de los Reyes)
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  • La Mar de Letras · Santiago, 18 (Madrid)


  • Fnac La Cañada Malaga (Marbella)
  • Fnac Málaga Plaza (Málaga)


  • Llibreria Bonaire · Juan de Cremona 3, bajos (Palma de Mallorca)


  • Llibrerias Bertrand · Centre Comercial Espacio Mediterráneo (Cartagena)
  • Fnac Murcia (Murcia)

San Sebastián

  • Fnac Donostia (San Sebastián)


  • Fnac Sevilla (Sevilla)
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